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What is the Best Way to go From a Flabby to Fab Tummy?

How can I get rid of my tummy fat?

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Toned and flat tummy doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes discipline, hard work and for some, it takes money to get a flat belly. Surgery may be available for a speedy result – liposuction, abdominoplasty or “tummy tucks”, abdominal etching, and other surgical procedures. However, all these listed several risk factors and don’t practically sustain a flat tummy. Crash diets and diet pills don’t also guarantee safe and fast result.

Burning down the fat
You are what you eat. What you eat, drink and do contribute to the fat formed in your tummy, thighs and arms. If you’re into fatty, high calorie diet, then it’s time to turn to healthy, low fat diet to avoid storing more fat. Fruits and vegetables should be your top choices, or simply follow the Food Pyramid coupled with regular exercise to burn your excess baggage.

The safest and healthiest ways to trim fat down and have a fabulous tummy are those that involve cardiovascular activities allowing you to reach your peak heart rate. Peak heart rate refers to the maximum beats per minute (BPM). It’s important to consult your doctor first when planning on a regular exercise to identify your peak heart rate and get a recommendation what’s the best activity for your age and your condition. There are a number of ways to exercise those heart muscles: jogging, brisk walking, belly dancing, aero dancing, biking, swimming and other sports activities.

A toned tummy can be easily achieved by doing stomach workout like some weight lifting, crunches, twists and leg raises. This kind of exercise can effectively shrink the size of your tummy. This should be done with professional fitness instructor to avoid improper exercise execution. Pilates is also recommended; this exercise aims to develop strength and flexibility which results in burning fat effectively.

Spending 15-20 minutes per day for 5 days a week should be enough to burn those calories down; yet, this doesn’t include the time to warm up before any exercises. It’s also more effective to move muscles simultaneously, like moving your arms and your legs in swimming or dancing, as one would reach peak heart rate quickly.

Stress has always been the culprit to many known diseases and one of the causes of having a flabby tummy. When this stressor strikes you down, you should take some time to de-stress for your body to recover and restore energy. If work, relationship or people are stressing you, you may consider having a massage, taking a vacation, partying with friends or do something that releases your stress. Another important attitude in dealing with stress is positivity; the attitude of finding positive in things for whatever negative situations you are in.

Cut down on fat and carbs, crunches and sit ups regularly and if you find it too boring or hard to go to a gym, try to walk instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the lift etc. It takes time, but it's not too hard and the results are totally worth it!

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