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Why is Smoking so Addictive?

What makes people smoke cigrettes?

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Based on the data gathered by the WHO, smoking is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Medical professionals have also stated that most people are having a hard time staying away from this harmful habit compared to alcohol, heroin and other types of drugs.

Smoking can indeed turn into an addiction. The substance in cigarettes called nicotine keep smokers craving for more since this element makes them feel alive and renewed. Once a smoker stops smoking, he or she would certainly have insomnia and all other symptoms of withdrawal. Thus, it’s no surprise why most ex smokers find themselves hitting a cigarette again.

Billboard, TV and film advertisements are making matters worse as well. They comprise the huge factor as to why individuals can’t get out of the harmful habit. There may be less smoking advertisements now but the freebies and free samples given by cigarette manufacturers keep the tobacco industry alive.

Lack or too much of parental guidance and the influence of other people on a teenager can also lead him or her to smoke for life.

Effects of Smoking

Smoking can actually help you gain friends. Most of the time, for you to able to converse with someone in a party, you have to act like that person and smoke too. This action is called social smoking and it often requires you to drink alcohol afterwards.

It can make you psychologically deny the harmful effects of cigarettes in your body. You are fully aware of what smoking can do to your system yet you continue to believe that it won’t cause your own death.

Cigarettes can make you feel satisfied, confident and more relaxed. Thus, they make you depend on them even if you don’t want to anymore.

Cigarettes can certainly give you a slimmer but a weaker body. That is because they weaken your taste buds making you lose your appetite for most foods.

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