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What is the best way to run with an iPhone?

How can I run with my iPhone (or iPod Touch)? I'd rather not have to hold onto my iphone while i run, any suggestions on what is the best way to run with an iPhone?

What are some ways to run with an iPhone?

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The best way to run with an iPhone or iPod Touch is to get a hip holster case holder, and clip the case onto your pants near your hip. This will cause the least amount of josling around of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

In my opinion Seidio makes some of the best iPhone holster cases.

Belkin makes an iPod Touch case that can clipped on to your hip called the Belkin Verve Sleeve w/Clip-Black/Blue:

Seidio Spring Clip Holster for use with Non-Cased Apple iPhone 4 (Fits AT&T iPhone & Verizon iPhone)

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