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Can you Improve Your Vision by Performing Eye Exercises?

Will your vision improve by Performing Eye Exercises? Do eye exercises enhance your vision at all?  Can Eye Exercises Enhance Vision?

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People are now more open to the idea of performing eyesight exercises in the hopes of improving their vision, which gives them a clearer view of their daily environment. Such exercises are said to be effective in improving the ocular system as there are certain techniques that help in promoting vision. These include palming, sun gazing and other relevant relaxation exercises. Though many people have claimed that they have experienced minor improvements from these activities, most experts have yet to verbalize their support for this claim, as the results are said to be merely experiential and therefore inconclusive for absolute visual improvement.

Nevertheless, the Bates method is the most popular technique among the many visual exercises. It involves the strengthening of the inner and outer eye muscles to relieve the eyes of the tension and pressure exerted onto them. Once the muscles are strengthened enough, the person can now fully control the eyes by relaxing them to prevent eye strain whenever possible. In fact, many other exercises have stemmed up from the Bates method.

Another way to relieve eye tension and strain is through palming, which aims to improve the circulation by placing the palm of the hand on top of the eye. There are many reports of vision improvement from people who utilize this technique, but there are no scientific proofs that it is effective. Sun gazing, on the other hand, is believed to improve vision by looking straight at the sun. It is said that natural light is essential to heal and improve eyesight, but this claim contradicts the proven advice of avoiding direct exposure to sun to prevent serious eye damage.

Though some doctors believe that vision exercises do help relax the eyes, these do not guarantee total eyesight improvement or curb visual degeneration. Preventive interventions are still the recommended measures to prevent vision-related conditions. Consuming adequate amounts of nutrients found in many natural sources like fruits and vegetables is the simplest best way to promote good visual acuity. Eating the right kinds of food, especially those that contain antioxidants like vitamin A, can also dramatically prevent visual disorders.

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