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What is an Oxytocin Hormone?

What's the Role of Oxytocin Hormones in Human and Animal Bodies?

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What is an Oxytocin Hormone?

• known as the “cuddle hormone”, this element leads someone to do romantic gestures such as hugging one’s partner for it sends the brain signals which make it consider the action as pleasurable.
• It is a chemical which can be found in a mammal’s body as well.
• As for humans, women have more oxytocin hormones in their bodies. Men who are sexually active also possess these hormones.
• This hormone initiates chemical bonding.
• It lessens the number of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body.
• It transmits neurons throughout the human system.

The Role of the Hormone in the Body of a Woman

• It makes birth labor easier for women because this hormone can be synthetically produced in the form of pitocin.
• It stores milk in a woman’s breast during the breastfeeding period which strengthens the bond that the mother has with her child.

The Role of the Hormone in Romantic Couples

• This hormone can certainly strengthen relationship bonds as well. As mentioned, oxytocins encourage romantic gestures and emotions too.

The Role of the Hormone in the Body of an Infant

• If your child feels that he or she is being greatly neglected, then you can provide your kid with synthetic oxytocin hormones for your child to feel less stressed and become happier.

The Role of the Hormone in Animal Life

• Several researches suggest that the amount of this hormone in an animal’s body determine whether it would be a loving wife or husband to its mate and a caring parent to its off springs. This statement is supported by the experiment which C. Sue Carter has conducted in montane and prairie volves. Montane voles have fewer amounts of oxytocin hormones in their bodies. They simply mate and leave their off springs alone. Thus, this only shows that prairie wolves are likely to become better parents to their babies compared to montane volves.

More Possible Usage of the Hormone

• An individual can escape from alcoholism and other forms of addiction through nasal sprayed or injected synthetic oxytocin hormones.
• Autism and other mental ailment may be treated with the use of this hormone but this is still being verified by scientists as of the moment.

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