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How do I Manage a Hyperactive Child?

What's the best way to work with a Hyperactive Child?

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Children are generally hyperactive and have a lot of energy to spend on. This hyperactivity often causes parents to be stressed out especially when their child’s activities are very hard to manage. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to handle hyperactivity to make a parent’s life easier and help the child manage their behaviors as they grow older.

Behaviors are quite easy to manage as long as there are proper behavior management interventions done as early as toddlerhood. The most important and probably one of the most effective ways in dealing hyperactivity among children are to create a daily routine that the child can get used to. This is most effectively especially during bedtime routines. An hour or two before bedtime should be a quiet time wherein television are turned off, warm bath is done, reading time is appropriate and many other calming activities that would set the child’s mind for sleeping. A lack of bedtime routine can be very stressful especially when the child is hyperactive.

Establishing clear rules as well as consequences for negative behaviors is very helpful. This will give the child a sense of responsibility for one’s actions since he or she knows that every action has its own consequences. The consequences should be appropriate for each child and the parent should be able to explain well to the child why certain consequences and punishments are given after a certain negative behavior. Aside from consequences, reinforcement can also be a good idea. Parents should learn to give the right reinforcement methods to encourage good behaviors.

Consistency in maintaining the household rules is very important. Avoid getting angry and raising your voice when you reprimand because such behavior would cause the child to do more extreme actions that can be life-threatening.

Food plays a great role in child’s behaviors. A food rich in sugars such as sweets and ice cream would fuel your child’ energy, thereby it is best to avoid this types of food. Instead of sweets, let your child enjoy a mug of pudding or almond cookies since these types of food help in reducing hyperactivity.

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