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How are the drugs Cocaine and Crack different?

Dangerous Drugs: Cocaine vs. Crack. What's the difference between Crack and Cocaine?

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Dangerous drugs are enticing to people who love to have a thrill in life and experience euphoria and other sensations that they don’t normally experience in real life. Two most common drugs that share similar effects are cocaine and crack and they have become increasingly popular in the market.

Cocaine and crack both create the sense of euphoria, thrill, rush of adrenaline, and many other sensations that people who are addicted to it. These two have differences that we are going to discuss one by one below.

Crack is more accessible than cocaine when it comes to price. Since most drug users cannot afford cocaine because it is expensive, they will go for crack which is cheap and can be found almost anywhere in the streets. Cocaine is often termed as a “treat” for crack users because they are expensive. They only use cocaine for “special” occasions or when they have extra money to buy.

Cocaine’s effect will be felt 15 minutes after taking it while crack’s effect will be felt by the user almost immediately once it enters into the system. Same also the fading of the drug’s effect, cocaine’s effect in the system will stay for a longer time while crack’s effect will vanish after a short period of time. That is why crack is often used for daily consumption wherein users crave for immediate effect rather than a longer effect. Oftentimes the user will immediately feel that crack’s effect is slowly vanishing which makes them want more while in cocaine use, users often don’t need another shot.

Consistency and Purity
Cocaine is often considered as a safer alternative to crack and it is more consistent and pure in its content compared to crack. In crack, the consistency and purity varies. Crack’s effects are more dangerous because users often lose themselves immediately, making them wanting for more. Toxic levels are higher in crack than in cocaine, more so when it is being sued everyday by drug users.

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