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What are the Negative Effects of Anabolic Steroids?

What is Roid Rage? A Negative Effect of Anabolic Steroids?

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A number of people have been using anabolic steroids, not because they need it, but because they want to feel good about themselves. The usual effect of steroids in the psychological level is often positive at first. It makes the user feel good and happy. Later on, the effect would be negative. As what the experts have explained, steroids can cause rage primarily because it increases the testosterone levels in the body which is responsible for the “roid rage.” When taking anabolic steroids, the person pumps up more testosterone in the system, causing them these side effects. It causes the user to become aggressive at first. Overtime, psychological symptoms such as those portrayed by patients with schizophrenia and depression will be observed among steroid users. Aside from roid rage, the use of anabolic steroid will cause sudden mood swings making the user unpredictable.

There are already a number of violence cases such as murder, physical injury, threats, and robbery that were linked to anabolic steroid use. Scientists explains that steroid users who have plans to do violent acts were not initiated by the use of steroid, rather, the person already have plans to do violent actions and anabolic steroid would just fuel up the rage which in turn increases the aggressive behavior. Continued use may cause other health injuries that in one way or another, relates to improper use of the drug.

Patients who are under long-term treatment of anabolic steroids should be monitored closely by the physicians and health specialists for symptoms of roid rage and make proper interventions before violence occurs.

Aside from rage, there are also negative manifestations that may be shown such as severe depression and suicidal tendencies. These effects are often linked to other psychological disorders that might precipitate from the use of anabolic steroids.

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