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What Triggers a Brain to “Freeze”?

What are the main causes of Brain Freeze?

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Brain freeze is also known as an ice cream headache. It works like migraine. However, it rarely lasts for more than half a minute. This condition is the aftermath of eating any frozen food or drinking any frozen beverage hastily on a very hot weather. A few medical professionals state that 3 out of 10 people have the tendency to experience this phenomenon.

So, do you need to stop eating ice cream or ice popsicles for you to never experience a brain freeze? No, you don’t need to.

Why do frozen foods cause brain freeze? Once these products touch your mouth’s roof, your nerves especially the sphenopalatine nerve will start to freeze because of the cold temperature of your food and a quick influx of blood will be sent to your brain causing you to feel a sudden headache

Actually, brain freeze doesn’t literally make your brain “freeze”. It is simply a condition in which your blood vessels overreact to the cold temperature of your food causing you to experience a quick pain in your head.

Your nerves are also responsible for this type of condition. They are the ones that send the pain receptors to your skull area. That’s the main reason why we have the term brain freeze and not mouth freeze.

Now, how do you make the pain last in the shortest period of time? Well, all you have to do is put your tongue on your mouth’s roof. By doing so, your palate soon warm up and your nerves would go back to its normal state leaving your brain alone.

You can also drink lukewarm water in a slow motion for you to lessen the intensity of a brain freeze. Most importantly, you should never eat your favorite frozen delights in a hasty manner and as much as possible, prevent them from touching your mouth’s roof.

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