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Which foods are best for helping increase testosterone levels?

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As people age, things like our natural production of testosterone tend to naturally decrease. To help aid the body in restoring or increasing testosterone, it’s best to use the nutrition that often occurs naturally in our food. Socrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine, or medicine will be your food.” The better we eat, the healthier our bodies will be.

Try adding these 7 foods to your diet to help achieve healthier testosterone levels:

• Broccoli
• Seafood
• Oysters
• Eggs
• Avocados
• Garlic
• Chocolate

You can also try health supplements designed to help the body perform better. I personally use some testosterone supplements and have been happy with the results so far. If you try making some lifestyle changes to no avail, then seeing your doctor might be the next best step. Best of luck!

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