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What causes Muscle Knots?

What are Muscle Knots and what's the treatment for Muscle Knots?

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What are Muscle Knots?

• also known as myofascial trigger points in the field of medicine
• a usual condition in which constricted muscles occur in a human’s body
• produce consistent and sometimes, unbearable pain

Causes of Muscle Knots

• muscle spasms caused by its constant active state. Muscles naturally relax even after a series of running and lifting activities. Thus, an unusual stimulus certainly has caused the muscle to be in that state.
• too much connective tissue around the muscle. This theory was formulated when a connective tissue was found in a muscle knot after a part of it was removed in a surgical operation. This theory is not well accepted in the field of medicine though because of the lack of research being conducted on it.

How to Treat a Muscle Knot

• undergo electrical treatments such as an ultrasound for you to partially get rid of your muscle knots
• place a cold or hot pack above the portion of your body which has the muscle knot. This can also loosen up the muscle.
• massage the knots to keep it calm. This step can give you a little bit of pain but it can certainly prevent muscle spasms from occurring in your body.

Actually, muscle knots can never be removed from your body. They can still occur when you least expect it and the treatment methods mentioned above can only prevent the condition from taking place often in your system. Muscle knots may have been reported to disappear after a certain treatment but this is an isolated case. It doesn’t happen on an everyday basis. Nevertheless, what’s truly important here is that we now know that they are not permanent conditions in a human’s body and we can take the necessary precautionary measures to stay clear from them.

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