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Difference between Emotions vs. Moods?

How are Emotions Different From Moods?

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What is an Emotion?

• It came from emouvior which is a French word. Emouvior is derived from emovere (Latin word) that means ‘out’ and movere which is defined as ‘move’ in English.
• It is something that an individual can hide from all the people around him or her.
• He or she can have an expressionless face if he or she is already used to do doing that.
• However, emotions can also be expressed once they become uncontrollable.
• For example, if a person is feeling an emotion that is of extreme anger, then he or she would most probably shout at the other person who has caused him or her to feel that way.
• It is more intense compared to a mood. Thus, you must be careful in dealing with people who have various emotions.
• It can last for a few minutes or for a few hours.
• It is not as permanent as a certain mood.
• It can vanish as soon as the person doesn’t have the emotion anymore.
• It is based on an object or scenario. This concept has already been verified during the time of Aristotle.
• A person would never feel a certain emotion out of the blue.
• Examples of an emotion: anger and happiness

What is a Mood?

• It came from Mod’s Old English word which referred to the courage of a military.
• This is the reason why during the earlier centuries, mood pertained to the courage of a certain individual.
• It is a state that can last longer than an emotion.
• It is something that can’t be expressed by the person who is feeling it.
• It is not triggered by any scenario or object.
• Examples of a mood: sad

The example which was explained by "Byren" is not enough for me to understand a difference of means.
are there any other examples?

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