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How is Physiotherapy Different From Occupational Therapy?

What Makes Physiotherapy Different From Occupational Therapy?

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What is Occupational Therapy?

• Occupational Therapists deal with the physical disabilities that are preventing you from doing your job right.
• They assist you in performing again the tasks that are very much needed in your profession.
• They can also help you deal with your lack of motivation, your stressors and depression at work.
• They don’t only help you do better in your profession but they can also help you improve your home and family life.
• They don’t give you prescriptions.
• They may not deal with your physical injuries but they make sure that you get to live a normal life despite those injuries.
• They fully understand your condition. Thus, they are the person who can enhance your body functions once again.
• They can assist patients who have mental disabilities or those who have experienced extreme trauma as well. In other words, they are also trained to deal with a person’s mental faculties.

What is Physiotherapy?

• It involves processes which maintain and evaluate a human body’s physical functions.
• Physiotherapists make sure that your body parts are all functioning properly.
• They have extensive knowledge on the musculoskeletal system and anatomy of an individual. Thus, you can trust them to know what’s best for your system.
• They may give you prescriptions if needed.
• They are also the people who are responsible for checking your tissues, limbs, bones, muscles and injuries if you have any.
• They provide treatment to your physical injuries and they can help you avoid acquiring those injuries in the future.
• They help you move your body again and fully recover from an extreme accident.
• They don’t get to help you manage your emotions and thoughts.
• They are not allowed to deal with your mental faculties.

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