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Why is the Tetanus Shot Vaccine painful?

Why do you need a Tetanus Vaccine?

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Vaccines are very important since it helps us fight off infections and diseases that can be very fatal. The vaccine itself does not fight the invading pathogens but rather, they will help in developing new antibodies for specific pathogens. One of the most common vaccines that are routinely administered is the tetanus vaccine.

Tetanus vaccine is popular for being a painful shot. Doctors explained that different medications that are given through injections would differ when it comes to pain. Some medications are more painful to administer compared to others. Consistency as well as medicine compounds play a great role for pain. In the case of tetanus vaccine, there is no definite answer yet as to why this shot is very painful. One theory suggests that it could be the nature of the bacteria. Tetanus bacteria are unable to thrive in oxygenated areas that are why deep puncture wounds are more prone to tetanus.

Oftentimes, the pain experienced after a tetanus vaccine shot differ from one person to another. The most common effect after the shot is numbing sensation on the arms as well as pin from the arms to the back of the neck. Other patients also experiences muscle weakness and the feeling of having a marble inside the arm. The length of time on how long the patient will experience pain would also differ. Some people are fortunate enough to experience the pain, muscle weakness, and numbing sensation for a few days only while others are unlucky enough to experience the pain for a week or more. The degree would also vary from one person to another. Oftentimes, the doctor would prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to combat the pain.

There are now studies showing that this popular vaccine may not be needed at all. If the person gets wounded, proper wound cleaning and treatment can greatly combat tetanus bacteria.

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