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How to Lose Weight by Using a Walking Program?

How can I Lose Weight by Using a Walking Program?

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Walking is one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight. A good walking program is easy to develop and maintain, it’s very affordable and this exercise can begin as soon as one steps outside one’s door. How much weight a person loses is contingent on one’s metabolism, how much calories one consumes and what type of walking one does. For instance, walking daily for ten minutes won’t make a dent on your weight but brisk walking at 2-4 mph for an hour or more, several days a week can burn a substantial amount of calories.

How to Lose Weight through Walking

• Adjust your diet to complement your walking program. You don’t have to make big changes to your diet in order to this. Sometimes, you don’t even need to alter your diet at all for your walking program to be successful. However, studies have shown that reducing your calorie intake while increasing the amount of activity you do is the best way to lose weight. You can still lose weight just by walking, especially if your calorie intake isn’t particularly high. Be mindful though that an exercise program might make you add more calories to your diet since you’re more active.

• Work on your speed. Even walking at a slow pace of 2 mph is enough to burn around 26 calories every 10 minutes. Half an hour of walking will only increase the burn so a person of average height and weight can burn 79 calories or more. Walking longer is better so a 30 minute walk is preferable to doing three 10 minute walks daily because the more time you spend on an activity means the faster one’s heart rate is elevated. The higher the heart rate is, the higher the amount of calories burned. Similarly, upping your pace to 3 mph will double the effects of your 30 minute walk. A person can burn 125 calories during this period. Once you’ve become adept at walking at a slow pace, try adding a couple of minutes of brisk walking to get your heart rate going.

• Walk for longer periods. Extending the minutes of your walking program and walking faster also ensures that you burn more calories during the day. Doing any kind of cardio exercise that gets your heart moving at its optimal rate based on your age and level of fitness health means that your body will burn calories differently the whole day. So even if walking is your only brisk activity for the day, your body still burns calories at a faster rate.

• Ease into your fitness program slowly. Most fitness gurus would suggest starting your exercise program slowly. Using a pedometer to measure your speed and how far you’ve walked is also a good idea. For example, aim for a 30 minute comfortable walk per day for five days during the first week. Increase your pace and add a minute of brisk walking during the second week and then increase your speed again on week three, adding 2 minutes of jogging or brisk walking this time. The idea is to slowly but consistently build endurance and speed for added calorie burn.

Taking regular walks can result in weight loss even if one doesn’t go on a diet. But to lose weight faster, it’s best to lower your calorie intake and up your daily activities. After several weeks, you’ll be feeling and looking better.

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