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What are Quaaludes and why are they taken?

What are Quaaludes? How are they taken? What are the effects of the drug?

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Quaaludes are now considered an illegal drug by most countries around the world. Its generic name is Methaqualone but buyers often call them as soaps, Lemmons, 714 or ludes. This drug is often taken by drug dependents who want to experience euphoria and is particularly common in dance clubs and bars. Aside from euphoria, Quaaludes increases sexual arousal, short-term memory loss, fatigue, and dizziness. The drug is also known as a date rape pill since it is often used by people to sedate dates in the bars by inserting the pill in the drink.

Before Quaaludes were considered as an illegal drug in 1970s and 1980s, Quaaludes were used to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders. Overtime, patients developed tolerance, needing larger doses inorder for the drug to take effect. A central nervous system depressant, Quaaludes are highly addictive and often difficult to treat. Party goers often experiment in different ways such as from taking them with alcohol to crushing the pill and inhaling the drug. There are already incidents of crime and accidents that happened due to the influence of the drug.

Healthcare professionals are alarmed with the severe side effects that come in using the drug in larger doses. They identified kidney failure and heart attacks which can be fatal. Seizures are also common as well as lung diseases and even long-term depression.

Seeing these effects, authorities and healthcare professionals declared Quaaludes as an illegal drug. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency categorized Quaaludes as a “Schedule 1” drug, banning it from different countries all over the world with USA and United Kingdom leading the strict regulations against this drug since 1984. A drug that is labeled as “Schedule 1” means that the drugs is illegal and should not be taken as recreational or medicinal drug. Drugs under this category are highly addictive and dangerous.

Forced withdrawal of the drug is the primary way to treat drug addiction which can be very difficult to the part of the abuser. Barbiturate addiction is often enforced during the therapy since this type of drug is easier to treat.

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