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How does the Uberman Sleep Schedule work?

What is the sleep pattern called Uberman Sleep Schedule?

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Sleeping patterns of different animals have different purpose based on how the animals function in their daily lives. A human, which is a complex animal, is recommended to have undisturbed 8 hours of sleep daily, but because of several factors such as job and studies, an average human being sleeps to about 4-6 hours only. Amazingly, most humans can function well with this number of hours rest.

An uberman sleep schedule is a type of sleeping pattern that is being used by many animals wherein they don’t sleep longer periods of time but rather, they take naps throughout the 24-hour period. Usually, a 30-minute nap is done every four hours. According to Dr. Claudio Stampi, uberman sleep schedule or sometimes termed as “polyphasic” sleeping does not allow a human being to achieve the REM sleep which is very important in sleeping, but, he is amazed as to how humans can achieve maximum working functions with less REM sleep.
Dr. Stampi has observed that human beings are very adaptable creatures. Through the uberman sleep schedule, busy people can do well with the short naps and give them a boost of energy at work. People can always maximize their rest and sleep and doing the uberman sleep schedule is one of adapting to the very busy schedule.

To make the sleeping pattern a success, one must follow strictly to the sleeping schedule in order not to be disrupted from the pattern. Another very important thing to remember is that during sleeping schedules, sleep should never be disrupted at all cost. This would help the body adjust to the new lifestyle. Hunger is another thing to combat. If a person does the uberman sleep schedule, an additional of two meals would be needed.

The 20-30 minutes sleep of every four hours are often very hard for people who were accustomed to sleeping straight for more than four hours. That is why specialists don’t really recommend this type of sleeping pattern because we human beings needed an 8-hour sleep per day. The uberman sleep schedule can be helpful during busy times but should never be done at a long time.

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