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How do Birth Control Pills Prevent Pregnancy in Women?

How do birth-control pills work to prevent pregnancy?

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Ever since Birth control pills were first introduced and marketed in the United States they have had a huge impact in the world in reducing pregnancy in women. Birth control pills contain both estrogen and progesterone, which are female hormones that have an influence on the reproductive system. When taken regularly and as directed, birth control pills are typically very effective at preventing pregnancy.

When researchers found out that a high dose of progesterone prevents ovulation (meaning that the sperm cannot fertilize anything on the uterus since there is no egg present thereafter) scientists began to work on synthesizing estrogen and progesterone. This research opened the gate for the entrance of the birth control pill, which was then developed and tested after a more than a decade of research and development. The birth control pill was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the 1960’s for use by American women and has been believed to have contributed a big change in family planning.

The progesterone and the estrogen as both present in the birth control pill combines to prevent the release of an egg, but for some instance that an egg was released then the progesterone makes it hard for the egg to enter. It is believed that the combination of the two hormones makes it difficult for a pregnancy to occur and proven to be effective. In addition, the pills should be taken every day since its dosage varies from every week and that is for the betterment of the human body taking it.

Taking birth control pills allows women to enjoy sexual activities any time without fear of getting pregnant even on the times that they fertile. Although birth control pills are proven to be effective on preventing pregnancies, the bad thing is it does not prevent any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It is advised that in order to prevent STDs and pregnancies, the use of condom and birth control pill will reduce the risk of getting STDs and getting pregnant.

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