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Will Napping Help Improve your Memory?

Does Napping contribute to better Memory?  Will taking naps in the afternoon help with your memory retention?

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Yes, napping can actually contribute to a better memory.

Sleep will give your brain a chance to process new information and can also help stabilize memories in your brain so you can remember them.

Dreaming during sleep may even be better than just naps, as studies have shown that REM sleep following an activity, can help improve the cognitive process and memory retention. This is especially helpful if that activity is part of the dream.

Naps and sleep:

• Students who study before going to bed or take a nap after a study session are more likely to retain the studied information.
• Sleep may also contribute to the healing process. One study found that a lack of sleep prevented rats from healing as quickly from burns.
• Studies have found that people who sleep six or seven hours per night tend to live the longest.
• Some research seems to show that a lack of sleep can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which may result in death.

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