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What are the danger signs and symptoms of Left Hand Numbness?

What does it mean when you experience numbness in your left hand?

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Simple signs and symptoms should never be overlooked especially that most of the dreaded illnesses have simple to no symptoms at all. Left hand numbness has been associated with many illnesses and disease that this symptom should never be overlooked. Once the symptom is felt, it would be the best to visit your physician so that you will know what is wrong with your body as well as proper diagnosis and treatment will be done.

Usual causes of numbness are nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and underlying diseases. Let us now look into the common causes briefly to understand why numbness in the left hand can sometimes occur.
Nerve damage as well as nerve diseases are one of the most common culprits of numbness. The numbness is oftentimes not limited to the left hand only. It may depend also on where it the damage is. Numbness that is caused by nerve damage and disease may accompany a prickling sensation as well as weakness on the arms or any other affected area.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can also be a cause why left hand becomes numb. In carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerves are compressed and along with numbness, pain can sometimes be felt. The common sign of this disease is the gradual feeling of numbing sensation from the tips of the fingers until pain occurs. Pain is often unbearable and immediate medical attention is needed.

An impending stroke can cause numbness in the left hand too. This is very crucial in determining an incoming stroke or heart attack. Once the numb sensation travels to the back of the neck, then it would be best to bring the patient to the ER before it gets any worse. Other neurological and muscular conditions can cause similar symptoms too, so we will never know what the real cause behind this symptom is unless the physician will check and proper assessment is done.

Once the numbness, prickling, and tingling sensation manifests on your left hand, determine when it started, what triggers it, and for how long. This way, you can help the physician diagnose earlier and make correct diagnosis as well as interventions. Never ignore this warning sign and save your life or your loved one’s life by going to your physicians.

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