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What exactly is Melanin?

Tell me more about Melanin?

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All About Melanin
• It is a chemical
• It is involved in breaking down an amino acid called tyrosine
• Also known as pigment
• It is the substance which is responsible for the natural color of our eyes, hair and skin
• If a person has a lot of melanin inside his or her body, then he or she is expected to have a darker complexion and a sharper eyesight. Otherwise, he or she is expected to have a fairer and lighter complexion and a not-so-keen vision.
• It is produced by cells called melanocytes if this pigment is found in the human skin
• It also covers the natural color of the scales and feathers of animals
• It helps them maintain their internal heat. Fishes, lizards, snakes and other cold blooded animals are in need of melanin and the sun’s rays to keep them warm during the winter season. The pigment serves as their heat absorber.
• It is the substance that protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. However, this doesn’t mean that all dark people are free to walk outside at 12 noon. They are just less prone to sun burns and that’s it. We still all need additional protection from the sun’s heat if we want keep away from cataracts and skin cancer.
• If a person doesn’t have enough melanin, then he or she probably has albinism. Every living form on this planet can have this condition. An organism who has this condition has an extremely low amount of melanin.
• Albinism can take many forms. However, it generally affects the natural color of the patient’s eyes, hair and skin
• If you have ocular albinism, then you would have to deal with the deteriorating quality of your eyesight as well
• If you have a severe form of albinism, then this condition may affect your overall health causing your death

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