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Are There Natural Ways to Relieve a Migraine?

What are some of the Best Ways to Relieve a Migraine Headache?

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The incidence of migraine is increasing, and so is the demand for prescription medications to relieve the debilitating symptoms. However, these medications do not actually treat migraine totally. According to experts, more therapeutic measures can be found at home. For instance, entering a dim-lighted, noise-free room or getting a massage can eliminate or at least reduce the headache. Application of cold or hot compress and taking natural herbal medications also help. You can also combine any of these treatments, especially if your migraine headaches are recurring.

Perhaps the most natural way of treating a typical migraine attack is by staying in a dark and peaceful place, where noises cannot be heard. Moreover, a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment must be available to provide immediate relief for headache. There should be adequate ventilation and a comfortable bed. A quiet room is the most convenient place for migraine sufferers because this can induce sleep.

Most migraine headache sufferers experience blurred vision. To correct this, ice pack therapy does wonders. Simply wrap the ice pack in a dry towel and place it over the forehead. The cold compress method provides a relaxing, cooling effect on the affected area to dilate the veins and promote blood flow. On the other hand, a heating pad may also be beneficial because neck muscle soreness may be associated with migraine. In the absence of heating pads, heated rice bags make good substitutes. In the application of either cold or hot compress, however, caution must be observed to prevent injury.

For herbal treatment, taking feverfew may help with the discomfort. It must be taken with a caffeine-containing beverage for better absorption, so that the effects can be optimized. Although feverfew is deemed an effective pain killer, it is not usually recommended for migraine headache because of lack of research.

Lastly, a neck massage can contribute faster relief of migraine. An expert massage therapist must do this method to prevent any complications, like hitting a nerve or injuring a muscle. Additionally, using oil and applying mild pressure with the massage dramatically relieves the disabling symptoms of migraine.

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