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What is the Difference between Vitamin D3 vs. Vitamin D?

How is Vitamin D3 Different From Vitamin D?

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If you’re someone who is living a healthy lifestyle, then you would have to know the difference between Vitamin D3 and vitamin D. The line that separates them consists of many traits which are more than the addition of 3 to the letter D. Thus, get to know more about these vitamins for you to determine which one would benefit you the most

What is Vitamin D3?

• It is one type of vitamin D.
• It is also known as cholecalciferol.
• It is a vitamin which is produced by the body when the sun’s UVB and UVA rays reach a person’s skin.
• It can also be found in animal products such as the wool of a lamb. Vitamin D3 supplements can certainly be made out of these items after they undergo the process called synthesis. You just have to choose between a liquid or a pill form of this vitamin.
• If you want to avoid acquiring cancer in the future, then you better produce more vitamin D3 for you to have more calcitrol (substance from vitamin D3) and have a stronger immune system

What is Vitamin D?

• First of all, you have to know that vitamin D is a hormone. It is not a vitamin for it is made inside a person’s body.
• It has many forms but not all of them can make a huge difference in your body.
• Nevertheless, it helps the body to develop and grow.
• It increases the amount of calcium and phosphorous inside the human body.
• If you plan on buying artificial vitamin D, then you better make sure that it is recommended by your doctor.
• Vitamin D supplements can come from animals and plants.
• They can be found in most foods which promote nutritional content.

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