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What are the main differences between Diseases versus Syndromes?

What Makes Diseases Different From Syndromes?

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What is a Syndrome?

• It is derived from a Greek word that means “run together”.
• It is a condition that can have no cause at all which makes it a mystery in the world of medicine.
• Unfortunately, up until now, not all syndromes have definite causes yet.
• If a certain syndrome doesn’t have a definite cause, then your doctor would probably instruct you to buy medicines that can help alleviate your symptoms instead.
• You can have a particular syndrome all your life, so make sure that you do everything that you can to avoid this condition.
• It can turn into a disease or it can lead to the discovery of a certain disease inside your body.
• It is a term given to several symptoms.
• However, its symptoms are most commonly inconsistent.
• It doesn’t possess any of the characteristics that a disease has.
• Examples of syndromes which have been mistaken as diseases:
- Polycystic syndrome – a sign of obesity, hormone disorder or other body malfunctions.
- Metabolic syndrome – a probable symptom of a heart illness or type 2 diabetes.

What is a Disease?

• It is a condition which has a definite cause.
• It is a condition that has already been verified by several doctors.
• It has three characteristics:
- persistent body changes
- an established group of symptoms
- has a definite cause (biological) which can easily be determined by any medical professional
• Definite diagnosis and cure are readily available for every disease that is known in the medical world.
• Always seek for a second medical opinion because a few diseases can turn in certain syndromes.
• A few mental diseases can also be syndromes so undergo a full medical check up as much as possible.

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