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What are the Effects of Water Intoxication?

Is it dangerous to drink too much Water?

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Athletes and diet enthusiasts may be shocked to know the existence of a condition called water intoxication. Excessive water intake can cause you to be intoxicated so you really have to take things in moderation if you don’t want to be admitted to the nearest hospital.

We all know that athletes and diet enthusiasts have the tendency to drink more than 8 glasses of water on regular basis basically because of their chosen lifestyle. As a result, the sodium compounds (electrolytes) in their bodies begin to decrease in number.

This condition is given the term hyponatremia. It destroys the cells in a human’s body causing the patient to experience confusion, headache, nausea and even extreme vomiting.

If this condition is not treated immediately, the patient can fall into a coma or die. This is exactly what happened to Michael Carrington who is a hazing victim in Chico, California. He died from heart failure which was caused mainly by too much water intake.

If you’re someone who does a lot of sports or joins several types of marathons, then you must consult your doctor first as to which sports drink brands can completely make up for the lost electrolytes in your body. You need to do this for to you stay away from water intoxication. You must also learn to drink your beverage slowly and only when you’re truly thirsty to maintain the average water level in your body.

If you have a kidney disorder or less than two kidneys, then you must pay special attention to your condition by consuming less water following your physician’s directions. If all your kidneys are perfectly fine, then you are free to take 2 glasses of water within 60 minutes.

If you’re on a strict diet, then one glass of water within the same time period would be fine.

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