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What are some Common Causes of Foot Cramps?

How do you get Foot Cramps?

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Each one of us has experienced foot cramps at some time or another. Foot cramps happen for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it has something do with how nutritious our diet is or how healthy our lifestyle is. Other times it’s due to the stress we put on our feet.

Reasons for Getting Foot Cramps

• Fatigue is one the most common causes of foot cramps. We tend to get them when we have been standing or walking for a while, particularly when we’re doing this on concrete or any solid surface. Adding inserts to our shoes can minimize the stress placed on our feet since they act as a cushion.

• Cramps and some pain in the foot can be a sign of reduced blood circulation. When the flow of blood to our lower extremities is hindered, those limbs don’t get the oxygen required for them to work properly so they seize up and experience cramps. Be more mindful of when circulation to your legs or feet decreases in order to lessen the chances of getting foot cramps.

• A poor diet or the absence of vital nutrients is another reason for foot cramps. People with potassium levels that are below the recommended daily dose often experience cramps in both their legs and the feet. Vitamin deficiencies are easily corrected just by having a healthy diet and taking nutritional supplements that will supply the rest of the nutrients that the body needs. Foot cramps caused by nutritional deficiency usually disappear after a few days once we start eating right.

• Another thing that triggers foot cramps is dehydration. Of course it goes without saying that drinking enough water will alleviate this problem. However, smokers and drinkers should consider lessening their alcohol and nicotine intake. Remember that smoking and alcohol cause dehydration so people with these habits often experience foot cramps.

• Foot cramps can also be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. For instance, people suffering from diabetes often develop foot cramps because of their condition and the decreased oxygen flow to the limbs. Luckily, several treatments are available to patients so they don’t have to suffer any discomfort.

Foot cramps are often a temporary inconvenience that we all suffer from. Tweaking your diet or making simple lifestyle changes will make them disappear in just a matter of days. However, foot cramps that happen on a regular basis can be a symptom of a bigger health problem so make sure to consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

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