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What safety measures should you take if Exposed to Radiation?

What actions should one take once exposed to Radiation?

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We all know that radiation is very unhealthy and it can pose great health risk once a person got contaminated or exposed to radiation. When we say exposure, the person is said to be exposed to radiation when he or she is exactly on the place where there is radiation. Most commonly, work places are the common areas where people can get radiation exposure. It can be internal wherein the person ingested a radioactive object or external exposure. Contamination on the other hand is like getting radiation from objects that has been exposed to radiation.

Radiation plants and even in the hospitals are among the most common ways to get exposed to radiation. Workers in these areas wear protective gears and suits to protect themselves from the harmful effects of radiation. Unfortunately, some unwanted circumstances may happen wherein the worker gets exposed to radiation. The most effective way to avoid or lower the radiation exposure is to get away from the area as soon as possible and as far as possible. When you are already far from the site, it would be best to discard properly the clothing you have worn during the radiation exposure by sealing it in a plastic bag before discarding or ask a radiation expert on how to discard it properly. Take a bath and rinse your body off using water and soap. Oftentimes, a leak in a radiation plant can be a cause of radiation breakout. As a responsible worker and citizen any breach in the safety precautions should be reported and proper procedures should be done to prevent it from getting worse.

During internal contamination wherein a radioactive material is ingested, the medical team would administer drugs to reverse the effect or limit the health risk it poses to the patient. After that, the hospital staff would do thorough check-up and close monitoring to make sure that the patient can recover fully and that no massive damage will take effect in the future.

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