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What some of the most popular compound exercises in bodybuilding?

Is there a list of compound exercises that are used in bodybuilding?

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Compound lift exercises are movements that work several muscle groups at once, and include movements around two or more joints. Compound exercises are some of the biggest muscle builders, since they involve more muscles to stabilize the body and joints to move the weight. By performing compound exercises you can also cut down on time in the gym, when compared to doing isolation exercises.

Some of the most popular Compound lifts are:
- Squats
- Deadlifts
- Stiff-leg Deadlifts
- Leg press
- Lunges
- Bench press
- Push-ups
- Bent Over Barbell Rows
- Upright Rows
- Military "Overhead" press
- Pullups
- Dips

Those who seek to increase their performance in sports would focus mostly on compound exercises, with isolation exercises being used to strengthen just those muscles that are holding the athlete back. Similarly, a powerlifter would focus on the specific compound exercises that are performed at powerlifting competitions. However, those who seek to improve the look of their body without necessarily maximising their strength gains (including bodybuilders) would put more of an emphasis on isolation exercises. Both types of athletes, however, generally make use of both compound and isolation exercises.
Full lists of compound exercises by Muscle targeted:

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