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Is Pregnancy Brain: Myth or Fact?

What does it mean to have Pregnancy Brain?

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Expectant mothers often experience different symptoms while pregnant. One of this is being forgetful. Experts termed this symptom as “pregnancy brain.” Other common terms used to describe such condition are “placenta brain,” and “baby brain drain.” Not all medical doctors believe that pregnancy brain exists, however, many women claimed that they do experienced the condition while they were pregnant. Oftentimes the symptoms they experience have varying degrees in every pregnant woman. As what they said, each pregnancy is unique.

According to experts, there are a lot of reasons why a pregnant mother tend to be forgetful. One of this is emotional disturbance since the mother will be looking out for herself and her baby. She needs to eat more and take care of herself more. There will be a lot of doctor’s visit and prenatal vitamins to take. These things will keep the mother busy and forget other simple things to be done within the house.

Hormonal imbalances also account for pregnancy brain condition. High levels of progesterone within the body carry a lot of symptoms that a woman will experience and one of these is brain pregnancy. Oftentimes progesterone will spike up during the first trimester.

Experts stressed the importance of proper and complete diet, regular intake of prenatal vitamins, as well as exercise to keep the mind going. Fluids are very important to sustain and nourish the body as well. Rest and sleep should be given high importance and women should be getting the same amount of sleep as they had before they got pregnant.

Regular check up to the physician is very important to monitor the health of both the mother and the growing baby inside. This way, pregnant mothers can also report directly any unusual symptoms they might be experiencing.

Experts reminded expectant mothers not to worry if they experience memory loss while being pregnant. This is just temporary and the symptoms will start to fade once the baby is born or a few months after delivery.

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