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How much does mole removal cost?

How much does it cost to have a mole removed by a dermatologist?

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If your dermatologist determines that the mole may be suspect or irregular (possibly pre-cancerous), typically mole removal and it's subsequent biopsy will be covered under your insurance plan. If the mole is removed for cosmetic reasons as stated by your dermatologist, then most insurance plans will not cover the costs of the removal. So be sure to have your dermatologist classify your moles as "pre-cancerous", and if they don't, find a dermatologist that will, so you can avoid having to pay out-of-pocket.

If you don't have any health insurance and are self-pay, mole removal from a dermatologist (by shaving the mole off) will typically be around $150 per mole, plus another $100 to $150 for the mole biopsy. So without health insurance mole removal can become very costly especially if you have a number of moles to be removed.

It can be even more costly if the moles are determined from the pathology reports to be "moderate atypia" or "severe atypia", as the dermotologist will likely suggest that these moles be excised completely if the margins of the mole weren't completely removed from being shaved off initially.

I recently had 6 moles shaved off and removed by a dermotologist. I did not have any insurance and my dermotologist only charged $400 in total for the moles to be removed. The mole biopsy is expected to cost around $115 per mole though.

my 19 year old daughter who has no insurance just had 3 moles remove 2 are precancerous and it cost her 1,700.00 no she has several more to have remove and doesnt know how to handle it cuz she can not afford to have it done......what a future she has to look forward to .....

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