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How to Get Rid of Cherry Angiomas without going to the Doctor?

What are some home remedies to get rid of cherry angiomas without going to a dermatologist?

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There are various natural treatment methods to have cherry angiomas removed, you can try these before you go to the doctor:
- make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder and fresh basil leaves, or
- crush strawberry leaves, or
- use Naturasil for Cherry Angiomas, or Miracle Cure Duo remedy.

Cherry angiomas are harmless. You can remove them if they disturb you, but do not worry about them.


The best way to get rid of Cherry Angiomas is to get them V-Beam lasered off by a dermatologist. It usually costs about $200 for a treatment.

However, if you want to get rid of them at home you can use a High-Temperture cautery pen to slightly burn the skin to remove them. This will usually make smaller cherry angiomas go away, or at least not get any bigger. Your best bet for removing larger cherry angionas is with the V-Beam laser.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to remove cherry angiomas, but can take 1 month or more and can leave a lasting burn from the ACV. You also have to poke the skin of cherry angiomas to break it open so ACV gets in. Using ACV is not a great way to remove cherry angiomas, and it might not produce any results.

It takes less than 15 minutes at a dermatologist to use a V-Beam laser to remove cherry angiomas, and will produce the best results, so it's best to just go to the doctor. Health insurance will usually not cover cherry angiomas being removed.

I have used ACV very effectively to get rid of cherry angiomas. Although honestly it is a pain in the butt to do. I would poke the cherry angioma to open the skin. Then "scratch" at the inside of it a little with say a toothpick. Then put ACV on some toilet paper and rub in circular motions around the cherry angioma. If you do this right you will feel a slight "burn" which feels more like a "prick" or a "poke" then anything else. That just means you effectively got the ACV inside the skin. Typically CAs bleed upon breaking the skin so you need to rub the ACV in it for maybe 20-30 seconds. The skin around it will get red as well since ACV is 5% acidic. Dont worry because it looks more like an irritation (almost like you picked at a pimple) over anything else.

I had one on my neck I did this too, the area around it was red for about 5 days, diminished each day and then was fine. The CA was completely gone! I have done this as well with them on my chest, stomach and arms effectively too! You may have a small scab from where the CA "burned" the blood vessels but one it comes off, no more CA! I just couldnt reach my back with this method and dont want to ask a friend to do that long process for me. Thus I will probably try a high-temp pen to burn the CA on my bad. (Dont feel weird asking a friend to do that for me).

Try the ACV method, it doesnt leave any long term scarring, just remember, test it first before going all out to see how your skin reacts. I have somewhat sensitive skin and am somewhat pale...

I burn all my cherry angiomas with a pin. The pin held with a twizer (because it gets hot), then I heat the ball of the pin with fire and then I burn it. It doesn't hurt, just a little sting. You don't need anesthetic cream. It works. I have done it all my life. Use a sewing pin with a ball metal point. (the one used to mark hems - not the one's with plastic!). It's simple and it works. I ask my husband to do my back. I've never been to a doctor to do it, but the dermatologist, of course, said I shouldn't do it. I can understand why - they want your money. Try in one first and see for yourself. Then wipe with alcohol. You'll figure. Some big ones need you to do it again, or sometimes a few times, but with patience they will go. Do a test first on a small one until you figure how to do it. Good luck! I'm so tired of doctors. They just want your money! PS: if the ball pin accumulates charcoal, just wipe it with alcohol or use a new one. As simple as that. It will form a little crust and will go away in a week approx. PS: Make sure you don't touch the skin around the angioma, or it will hurt and cause unnecessary burn. If you get any dark spots, just use hidroquinone cream until it disappears Ask you dermatologist for 4% hidroquinone (recommended by Dr. Oz) and do it in the Winter months, so you don't get any sun.
Simple, fast and easy. Thanks for your post. Saved me hundreds of dollars. Was so sick of looking at these on my skin for years. –  alexi36  Feb 1st, 2013 at 1:28 AM

thank you lulu for your advice I have done my hands and it workes I am very happy

I had a few on my hands and went to the dermatologist to have them lasered off. One is still red and it doesnt look like its going away. Im worried it could be something else. Im going to try the hot needle and hope it works ..

Can someone tell me, that has used Lulu's advice, did you poke the cherry angioma with the hot needle and did it start to bleed? I'm not sure how to do this exactly. I placed the hot needle on one but it didn't do anything.
Also re Lulu's advice. I was also a bit confused. Did you break the skin with the point of the hot pin or use the flat head of the pin and just hold it on the angioma? –  sidekick  Mar 3rd, 2013 at 4:01 PM
I followed this advice... you don't use the point of the needle, you use the 'head' of the needle. You could use a flat head nail or the head of a small finishing nail or anything like that. The goal here is to burn the skin over the red angioma. Once you burn it enough, you can't see the red below it any more. So, no need to poke the angioma, just touch the skin that is over it with a hot piece of metal that is preferably flat or round--not pointy.

PS: I had pretty big angiomas all over, and they're all but gone now! One more 'treatment' and I'll be free of those little buggers! Thanks Lulu! –  giant_j  Mar 10th, 2013 at 11:06 PM
I tried it an the it turned black. Is this normal? It doesn't feel hard like a scab though. Will this eventually fall off? –  lolalola  Mar 14th, 2013 at 9:37 PM

lulus advice is the truth works believe me works like magic i did like 30 i had and bye bye they went
How long does it take for the scab to fall off. I tried this over a week ago. It turned black but still feels soft, not like a typical scab. It looks like a dark black spot. Is this normal? What is the typically healing process afterwards? –  lolalola  Mar 20th, 2013 at 12:51 AM

March 2013. I tried ACV for a week to spot treat my cherry angioma on my nose. I pierced it with a toothpick; could not find a needle. Did that once daily for three days. For days 4 and 5 applied ACV without piercing the angioma first... The noticeable-annoying spot in the center of my nose is noticeably diminished after one two weeks. Week One: Treatment, Week Two: let it be. The red color is not apparent, the texture is mostly smooth with 1mm rough like dry or dead skin...exactly where the angioma was located. I am happy with the not feel the need to cover up the spot with makeup-concealer-powder-foundation. Using any type of Vinegar will produce the same results.

Just came from my PC Doc for a physical and showed her my CA's, she suggested before bed, tying a piece of dental floss around it tightly and then going to bed, it would be off in the morning, if not, then try again. Said its perfectly safe to remove them however you decide is best for you, providing its safe & sterile of course. Love my doc. She is awesome... I have not tried it yet... but will tomorrow.

look i can guarantee this will work my people finally i got rid of these damn things
3. as soon as you have done step 3((( APPLY SUPER GLUE))) (the quick dry one) it just freezes the wound and the angiomas die(i guarantee it works)
4. apply more glue after every shower until it falls off if first time did not work repeat steps 1 to 3 until gone , dont worry super glue was actually invented in ww2 to heal small cuts so its safe.
ill answer any future questions on this if more help needed my peeps

I have a CA on my forehead right in between my eyes. Its a terrible spot to jave one, and its been there for over a year. I got it from popping a pimple and I guess I busted the capillaries or something.
Do you think the hot needle or ACV is still recommended in this situation? I don't wanna do it wrong and take the chance of scarring my face even worse. :/
I wouldn't mess with a hot needle or ACV on your face/ forehead. If you want it gone permanently (the right way), go to a dermatologist with a V-Beam laser and have them get rid of it, painlessly and quickly. –  Answers  May 6th, 2013 at 2:37 AM

Heating pin works!!! thanks lulul . A quick tip you can place the pin into a cork this way you don't touch it and don't get burned. You also have a better grip to it. Hope this helps everyone. BTW I used the head of the pin...

Has anyone tried to remove one from their face? I have one on my jaw line? What is the best method that worked?

I think someone should be more interested in the viral origin of these red spots. I have not had until I started hanging out with a girl. After than I infect my current wife.
I have the same feeling this has also happened to me but the girl I was seeing didn't have any of this spots . Did this girl you hanged out with also had this red spots ? –  john  Dec 20th, 2015 at 2:25 PM

How long do you leave the hot pin/nail on there? Do you just touch or leave it for a second or two?

Lulu's advice is very good. This works extremely well. I had some very large ones that I have had for decades that were removed with one treatment (on my body and face). No scarring. Just leave it there long enough to sting/burn a bit. A few seconds. It turns black, scab falls off and eventually disappears. I've had some of mine lasered before with no results, but one time using Lulu's method and they are gone! Thank you Lulu.

I had one on the side of my nose for about a year, dermatologist said it was Cherry Angioma recommended a laser clinic, said insurance wouldn't cover..cosmetic. I finally tired of it and didn't want to drop several hundred dollars on laser, tried the hot needle and Apple Cider Vinegar, figured it couldn't look any worse than it already did. Day one rubbed ACV on it several times a day, wore a small round bandaid with ACV on it over night. Did notice some burning from the ACV. Day two, cleaned with alcohol, heated a needle stuck it in blood, immediately rubbed it with ACV on a q-tip, did sting, put bandaid on. Many months prior when I stuck it, it bled profusely. Very different this time. Rest of day two and three rubbed with ACV..stung!, Day 3 and 4 it started to scab, so I put triple antibiotic cream on, didn't use ACV after day two. A week later the last of the dry skin came off..gone! This may not be for everyone. I was careful with the ACV after I noticed a lot of skin irritation on the first day, from the acid I assume.

Lulu's answer is right on. I followed that and burned off my front torso and arm angiomas. Worked great. A nice pleansant sizzle and occasional pop. Now, I need to train my wife to do the back. Thanks.

How do you heat the pin up?

I got rid of about 20 by heating up a large blunt sterilized darning needle on a hot plate, does not need to be red hot, then touching the centre of the Cherry Angiomas for about 10 seconds. The small ones dissapear almost instant leaving just a tiny black spot for a few days. The larger ones tended to get a small scab then go a bit brown after the scab falls off. The brown marks fade after a couple of months, leaving practicaly no trace. The largest one, that looked like a third nipple, took a few prods with the hot needle, but has now gone completly. Start off trying the small ones first.

Just confirming Lulu's suggestion again. Burned a large one off my chin using needle stuck in cork technique. No scar. Worked great. Although do recommend New Skin or super glue when it eventually starts to bleed. Which it will. But it heals. Nice to be able to shave again.

I tried lulul's suggestion and it seems to be working! I used the circled end of a closed safety pin instead of a needle head, and held it with a wooden clothespin. Yesterday I heated the pin resting the circled end on the stove burner for half a min or so, then applied it to 2 spots I have, each about 1/8 inch in diameter and a little raised. The heat seemed to cool off quickly so I did this maybe half a dozen times. Each was a little less red.

This morning tho, I found a lighter and flamed the pin a few seconds before applying to the angiomas. The heat was noticeably stronger and lasted longer, I did this a couple times. The redness seemed to disappear before my eyes. Both are still raised and now have a black (burn) mark in the center. I'll try to remember to report back in a week or so.

I was excited when I found this page, as finally I was reading an answer to my problems of ugly Cherry Angiomas, and how to get rid of them - WITHOUT $DERMATOLOGIST$!

Thankyou lulul for sharing your secret!

I'm 45 years old, and while I don't have any raised, growth-like Cherry Angiomas (mine are all small, the size of the head of a pin, or even the point, and there also very flat) I am unfortunate in that I have many.

I started getting them about 5-10 years ago, and I have many now. There all so tiny, but also very bright red,
and certainly stand out. I HATE THEM!

So anyway lulul (or anyone else that cares to answer my questions) I tired your method on just a couple of mine to see just how it worked.

I noticed that the pin I was using would cool off too quickly to make a difference, and so I started to hold the pin
over the lighter for a longer time, but when I did this - the pin got black! I had to wipe the pinhead off, because obviously I didn't want that black junk going into the wound it was about to create. However, by the time I had wiped the pinhead off with a piece of toilet paper to get rid of the black charcoal like stuff - the pin had already
cooled down! So then I decided to hold it even longer over the lighter - to make it red hot, but hen the pin was so hot - it began to bend, and slowly fall apart!

Now, I was using a regular small sewing pin with a tiny flat head, and having all that trouble - what's the best
way to do this? You mentioned a pin with a ball on the end, but not a plastic ball (obviously) , but I've never before even seen a pinhead that was a ball that wasn't plastic! So I don't even know where to find one.
I mean my Mother's a serious sewer, and I've never seen a pin like that - I never even knew they made those that weren't plastic.

Really I need something bigger/thicker than can be used to be heated up, but wont cool down as quickly when I wipe the charcoal like substance off of it.

I think someone recommended a small nail, but I'm wondering if that will be too big?

Someone also suggested heating the pin/needle/nail on a hotplate, or stove, etc; When you do it that way -
does it still get black?

So anyway, I did two CA's on my shoulder, and it's hard to tell right away if it did work, as the pin kept cooling
off really quickly on me (because I was wiping it off before I pressed it on the CA's), and so I had to do each one
several times each. When I was finally done, they both looked really black, and so I will have to wait for probably a week now, to see if these things will heal, and go away completely...

Just wanted some extra advice, and also wanted to post my experience with this...

Cheers ; )-

What if you used a clean soldering gun? Stays hot, not black and has a fine tip...Hmnnn

I scrapped my skin and it didn't stop bleeding. Is that normal if I have a cherry angioma?

Did anyone tried using Freeze Away wort remover on a cherry angioma? I heard that it's possible to use that but not sure if it's better to burn them instead.

This is amazing LuLu! I have been embarrassed by these red dots on my breast.Unable to wear low cut blouse because I can feel people starring at them,Some even ask, EEWW!! What is that ? A few on my ARMS! They are all gone! Thank You !!!!!

I read this and was a little skeptical of burning a CA at home. I went to a dermatologist and they used the razor method. I was so excited. Well, it healed and came back....bigger! I called the dermatologist to make another appt but they couldn't schedule me for a couple of weeks. During that time, i came back to this site and followed Lulu's advised. My CA was larger so I needed to do it about 4 times but I do believe it is almost gone. I heated the flat part of a nail (nails come in all sizes so you can find one that is the size of your CA) from a burning candle for about 10 seconds, held it on the CA for about 10 seconds, wiped with alcohol and repeated every 4-5 days (or when it healed/scabbed). I am a sucker for pain and this wasn't bad at all (maybe a 1 on a scale 1-10). I canceled the dermatologist appt and saved myself time, money, and embarrassment. Thank god for the internet! I wish i would have done this sooner. Thanks again!

I am so glad to have done research tonight and find this info from you all... I had looked at skin cancer photos before to find what out what these dots where and and thought I'd at least concluded they were not cancerous. But they have increased, on my chest and torso, and it started the nagging fear again. I had been subliminally avoiding researching again for fear of the unknown, but in frustration tonight I got pissed at them and took it out on the largest one with a needle. THEN I decided to look into it once more and found the info on CA! I guess I really had thought they may be serious because now that I know I am soooo relieved. I think I got the big one by the frustrated needle attack, kinda painful and messy but now I know to just heat the needle and it's gonna go so much easier. Thanks all!

Vinegar! is great cure!


I tried the whole lulu thing...burned it with end of a safety pin...(my cherry angioma was the size of half a pencil eraser) and only a bit of it turned nothing happened. I then tried to burn areas of it throughout the week until the whole thing turned black. Today it is a week later...and only the top layer of the cherry angioma came off and underneath it was a bloody mess, but still an intact cherry angioma. I guess I'm supposed to slowly burn off layers? I don't know...nobody has really written about the healing/death process of the cherry angioma after burning it...please help.


I used burning method describe above and got lots of black stops (burned angiomas). It has been three weeks from the day I did the procedure, and burned/black angiomas don't go anywhere. Please advise what happened with your black spots .


I used the burning method on one the size of a small pencil eraser. The process to heal took weeks, so don't be discouraged!

Mine was on my inner thigh, and so was an issue when shaving my legs. I used my metal tweezers (flat edge, stainless steel) heated with a match and I could feel it sizzle. Did not hurt.

Then the scab formed, and the area around the CA got very "angry". I could actually see the veins that were feeding the CA under my skin.

Because of the size, the CA scabbed over about 3 times. Each time I thought for sure it was going to get infected because it looked so angry and it hurt. But now, the area is almost completely flat, the CA is now a flesh colored lump that gets flatter every day.

I am thrilled I found this page!


I found this video to remove them :)



Ira - did the black spots eventually fade away? I had the same thing happen to me, and now I'm worried they won't fade anytime soon. I used the burning method 2 weeks ago and now I have 24 small black spots, actually they're red spots with a black scab in the middle, and it looks terrible. I'm going on vacation in 6 weeks and I'm afraid they won't fall off/fade away before then. By the way, it's embarrassing that I have 24 black spots on the front of my body and about 30 bright red spots on my back. I don't know anyone who I'd be comfortable asking to do my back and I'd almost rather have the red spots than black scabs all over my back at the beach.

I tried the method that Lulu suggested - and it worked. Thank you so much, Lulu!

So far I have removed over 50 cherry angiomas off my legs, arms and stomach, and I still have some more on my back and torso that need to be done. I would like to share my experience, hoping that it may help other people.

First of all - be patient. Start with small ones, and don't do more than 10 at the time because it's easier to monitor the results. It's not really painful - it stings a bit but it goes away in a second.

I took a wine-bottle cork, stuck in it a good quality steel wire, similar in thickness to the wire used for larger paper clips, and I bent 1/2 inch of the metal to make a 'tip'. The cork is comfortable to hold, and a good quality wire will not leave any black residue on your skin. For heating I used a small gas torch. It's cheap to buy at Home Depot, and it's handy because you can regulate the flame so it's not too strong. Please make sure you keep the torch secured while you are working so it doesn't tip over, or have someone hold it for you.

For this method to work, the metal 'tip' has to be red-hot. First, secure and then light the torch. Clean the skin area with a cotton ball and alcohol. Heat the 'tip' and quickly, but firmly and precisely, touch the angioma. A black spot will form, and later it will become a scab. Use the tap-tap-tap method to cover the whole cherry spot. I managed to kill the small ones with only one 'tap', but I had to use three-four 'taps' on a couple of larger ones (the size of a peppercorn). Re-heat the 'tip' if need be to finish a single spot. When you are done, clean the area again with alcohol. This is more for the purpose of soothing the skin.

You have to wait until the scab falls off (two to three weeks) in order to be able to tell if it worked or not. If it worked, there will be a small round scar that will eventually fade and disappear. I burned several spots in February, and in April I don't see the scars anymore. If it didn't work - you'll notice some kind of a reddish spot. Wait a week or two to see if it needs to be re-done - there is no rush. You can shower while the scabs are on your skin, just make sure you don't peel them off accidentally - it's better if they fall off on their own, so the scars are smaller.

So for me, in some cases this worked on a first try, in some cases it didn't and I had to redo the spots, and in some other cases they did get smaller or flatter, but I had to redo them anyway. It really depends on how large the angioma is and how deep you go in with the 'tip'. I didn't have to redo any of them more than twice. I am really happy with the results.


I tried Lulu's suggestion last night on 2 that are on my face,,1 is very tiny the size of a pin and the other is alittle larger but both are under the skin slightly raised.. I used the end of a safety pin and burned it till it got really hot I set it on the bigger one and it looks as though there is a hole in it,, it didn't bleed and it did not scab,, is this normal ? the 2nd 1 I used the tip of the safety pin, this one instantly disappeared and is slightly black not bad..Im more concerned about the bigger one that left the hole.. Will this heal ? Ugh now im scared it will scar or the hole will not go away

Yes, it won't bleed because you cauterized it with the hot pin. The scab will form the following day and will fall off in a two-three weeks . Just leave it - don't pick it and be careful with the towel not to peel it off, because if you peel it off prematurely, it may scar. If you see a hole now, it will close up and will heal eventually. I had a dermatologist remove one from my forehead (the size of a small peppercorn) long time ago, and I had a deep hole for a couple of days until it scabbed up, and now I don’t even see where it was. The scar will first get slightly pink, then silvery, and then it will disappear altogether, but it takes time. The ones I did in February on my thighs are all gone now (in May). If the area is red, you can apply some antibiotic ointment (e.g. Polysporin) that you can get over the counter. –  alphavirginis  May 8th, 2015 at 7:31 PM


I don't know how anyone says this doesn't hurt? It was unbelievably painful to hold hot metal to my skin. wow!!! I tried on a couple, so I'll see. I can't tolerate the pain so I'm going to a dermatologist and have them removed with numbing cream first. good luck everyone. I hate these things, they seemed to pop up overnight.


I burned it off with the head of a metal nail that was the same size of my angioma. First I wiped the nail clean with rubbing alcohol, then I heated the nail head over the stove burner for about 8-10 seconds. Then I pushed it against the angioma for as long as I could take it. It scabbed over and I let it heal naturally, and a mnth later all I have is a slight dimple where the ugly red dot once was. Yes, it hurts a little to burn the angioma, but the results are worth it, and I didn't spend a penny.


Both methods work. I have tried the method where you heat the head of a pin or small nail and burn the cherry angioma off. This works but may need a second treatment if u missed any of the spot. Also, the burning method may be painful for those with a very low pain tolerance, especially if the cherry angioma is located in a sensitive spot. The other method of using apple cider vinegar is also effective, but will take a few days or more depending on the size of the angioma. For this method, first pierce the angioma, then apply the ACV directly to the spot or to help prevent ACV burn dilute with olive oil, there is exact portions to do so listed on


Well I looked through everything that was said and here's what I did. Being an Electrologist by trade I used my machine the sharp sterile probes insert to form a small puncture and flash heats. I was afraid it would cauterize but it didn't. Big believer of ACV. So I started with cleaning area with witch hazel, drying the area hitting the pedal at the time of insertion with the frequency at 100 and timing at 2. I did this 3 times. Wiped area with a little pressure with ACV for 20-30 secs (yes there was a bit of bleeding) and covered with a sterile bandage. Repeated the ACV and bandage for 4 days and to my amazement all gone.


Burning works like a charm. You don't need a doctor for this, or numbing cream. It really isn't that bad. Just tap lightly the angioma (don't hold it in place...tap, tap, tap...that's it), some turn black. Normal. Shower as usual.


Life saving, lulul! Burning them off really seems to work! Some disappear instantly, some don't, some leave a scab, so it will take a week or two to see... But there is hope for me now!

I have tons of CAs - hundreds, maybe thousands, and I have bad anxiety and depression because of them, especially in summer when they are visible in bright light.


For a easier to control cautery method, purchase a cheap mole removal pen on Amazon (e.g., Mole Removal Pen) (and sterilize the needle with rubbing alcohol before use).


I removed all of mine easily. Take a finish nail. Push the sharp end into a cork from a wine bottle. Hold the cork and heat the head of the finish nail with a lighter until it’s red hot. Quickly touch the angioma. It’ll sizzle. After a day it’ll scab up. When it heals, the angioma is gone.


I ordered a mole skin tag remover pen from Ebay. It cost about $10 from China, a lot more from the US. The needles are tiny and they have electricity running in them. They immediately burn off the tiny red dots the larger ones do bleed, but after a while they are gone too. This seems more sanitary then just looking for nails and needles and heating them up. I have also removed skin tags under my bra line and 2 moles, and am so happy. The pen comes with 5 needles and you can use them over and over. I wipe the area with an antiseptic and clean the needle the same. You will think it's the best thing you ever bought. Also replacement needles for a pack are about $2. I have girlfriends come over and ask me to remove skin tags etc... Please try this...


What is the best at home device used to remove cherry angiomas?


I tried lulus pin idea and it isn’t working. I’m using the lighter to heat it up then I blow the flame out before tapping the spot with the pin. It’s even more raises now than it was.


I can't believe nobody's mentioned a paper clip yet. The end is the perfect diameter (and perfectly round) for a cherry angioma. Just bend one part open and you have the rest of the clip to hold for stability. As far as the actual cauterizing, I've tried both ways - holding it down for a few seconds vs tapping it. I haven't been able to tell if one way works better than the other.. I've had good results with both. The bigger ones take more than one "treatment" but smaller ones are a piece of cake. They do turn black and the scab falls off eventually. Don't touch it while it's healing!

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