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Does the skin flatten out after a mole has been shaved off?

I had a couple moles removed from my back by a dermatologist using the shaving method. I now have pockmarks or mini craters in my skin where the moles were shaved off. Will these holes in the skin begin to smooth out and flatten to match my other skin over time, or will I be left with pockmarks?

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Yes, a mole that has been shaved off will flatten out over the course of a few weeks while it's healing. The first five days after having a mole shaved off will appear to have a hole (or pockmark), where the mole was removed. This area will start to scab over within a week, then in two to three weeks the scab will fall off leaving the skin pinkish/red. This area will continue to heal and flatten out, and the color will start to fade back to your natural skin tone.

On the flipside, a scar may form into a scar bump, that may take up to a year or more to smooth out. If you want to help the scar to heal better, and flatten the scar bump faster, you should make sure that shaved mole is covered by a fresh band-aid during the healing process at all times.  You can then start using Silicone scar treatment patches like ScarAway within 3 to 4 weeks after the mole has been shaved off.  Silicone patches have proven to work to reduce scars and are often recommend by doctors for healing scars (for instance: breast implant scars, or cesarean section scars).  ScarAway patches begin to work in a weeks time, and should be used for at least 4-8 weeks (or much longer) to see a real lasting noticable improvement.  But it may take up to a year or more for some scars to flatten out. 

To keep the ScarAway patches on more secure, cover them with a band-aid or first-aid tape, especially if the scar is on your back. In which case, the ScarAway patches have a tendency to come off while sleeping, but using a band-aid on top of ScarAway patches keeps them in place (even while in the shower).

You can also try using Mederma skin care for scars gel to reduce any scars.

For whatever reason, if your skin does not heal properly, you can always have your skin resurfaced by a dermotologist.

Mine didnt! I got a mole removed on my nose and doctors said it would have a small scar but never mentioned a deep pockmark! I took good care of it in the healing process but it still managed to leave a crater like scar on my nose. I'm begining to look for treatments or something I can do to make my skin smooth out. BTW it's been a few years already since I got my mole removed and it never flattened out


i have an appointment with a dermatologist, when I went I the receptionist I hear them talking and he stated that they didn't know they had to treat blacks on my abdomen he said were cherry angiomas. are they cancerous? If they are removed at home with a burned needle what is needed to be done to the skin after that?

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