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What are the chance of a severe atypia mole turning into skin cancer?

How likely is it that a severe atypia mole turns into skin cancer?

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There are four levels of classification of atypical melanocytic lesions:
1) mild atypia in a melanocytic lesion
2) moderate atypia in a melanocytic lesion
3) severe atypia in a melanocytic lesion
4) melanoma-in-situ or lentigo maligna

Only melanoma in-situ has adequate evidence to support surgical excision. There is a 5% risk of melanoma in-situ turning into malignant melanoma over a 50 year lifetime. This means that there is a risk of 1% per decade. The risk of the other 3 lower grades of atypia remain a mystery. Logically, the risk would be even lower than the risk of melanoma in-situ - if present at all.

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