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Differences between a Coat versus a Jacket?

What Makes a Coat Different From a Jacket?

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What is a Jacket?

• This word actually came from coats that are considered as undercoats.
• It has a shorter length (which ends on the wearer’s upper thigh) compared to the standard coat.
• It is an extremely formal outfit.
• Your trousers or pants must be able to match with the kind of jacket that you have. By doing so, you would certainly be able to come up with a smooth silhouette. Failure to have matching trousers would only make people laugh on what you have on.
• The jackets of today are called suit or suit jackets.

What is a Coat?

• It is a long garment that can be worn by anybody especially during casual occasions or gatherings. A coat can even be worn on a regular basis.
• It doesn’t need to be matched with a specific pair of trousers or pants.
• It has extremely light padding on its shoulder. The padding is not even necessary in this outfit.
• It is a very useful garment which gives you a relaxed appearance at the same time.
• It can be an overcoat or an undercoat.
• It used to serve as an armor centuries ago. In fact, its spelling in the past was “cote” and not coat. Moreover, a garment in the name of “coat of mail” was even available during the Middle Ages. It protected its wearer from minor attacks caused by sharp weapons.
• It has become a fashionable item way back in the early19th century.
• Now, it provides warmth to its wearer during the winter season.
• Coats can also be worn in outdoor “sportsman” activities or during hunting escapades.
• The coats of today are called sport coats already.
• They consist of more reliable and heavier fabrics like twills and tweeds.
• A few of them have the early version of camouflage patterns.

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