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What can a Dentist do to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Have a chipped / broken tooth, can the Dentist fix it?

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Perfectly aligned and shaped teeth are not an effortless thing to have but rather achieved when following dental care practices and spending a considerable amount of money to get some necessary fix. Tooth enamel, the external covering part of the tooth, may be the hardest substance in the body but it doesn’t make the tooth unbreakable. Bacteria in the mouth don’t only cause unpleasant breath; it can also result to a chipped tooth.

Before dentists perform repair or treatment to a chipped tooth, they will need to ask some background first about how the injury took place and how much pain it caused. They may also require dental x-ray to study the tooth structure in order to perform appropriate procedure. Dentists use dental veneer to treat a chipped tooth. Veneers are applied to the tooth surface to cover and enhance its appearance. There are two types of veneer – composite and porcelain. The use of composite veneer is cheaper and faster but the porcelain veneer is more durable. The latter also gives more appealing appearance because it gives out natural color making it unnoticeable.

Depending on the damage, dentists treat tooth problems in different ways. For slightly chipped tooth, veneers are placed over the tooth using dental cements. Some dentists would even recommend doing nothing at all if tooth has insignificant damage. In the case of severely damaged tooth, root canal procedure may be performed which involves some drilling, cleaning, filling and cementing of a crown. A crown or a dental cap is used to completely cover a broken tooth and is made of the same material to that of a veneer. This procedure removes and replaces the infected tissue of your tooth.

If the root of the tooth was already damaged, the tooth would need to be extracted but it can always be replaced. Either you go for a dental flipper or a dental implant. Flipper or a removable partial denture is less expensive compared to implant procedure which requires an artificial root made from Titanium to be inserted to the jawbone.

Choosing any of the above procedures still doesn’t guarantee having indestructible tooth. Tooth can still be chipped, yet it can always be fixed. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry. Having a perfect smile is an opportunity for everybody.

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