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What is the difference between a Suit vs. a Tuxedo?

What Makes a Suit Different From a Tuxedo?

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What is a Suit?

• It is a garment that you can wear to your workplace on your business meeting or to a conservative event. This item is a less formal clothing outfit compared to a tuxedo.
• A suit can be of any hue and shade. It is not required to be black unlike a tuxedo.
• It has notch labels. If you don’t know what labels are, then you better look for them in an actual suit.
• It is best worn with a tie and not with a bow. Wearing a bow together with your expensive suit is certainly not a pleasant sight to see.
• It has a maximum of 3 buttons on the front.
• A suit has no special characteristic. It has plain cloth all over it.
• Any shoes and a standard shirt would go along with it.

What is a Tuxedo?

• It is a garment that is worn on semi-formal evening occasions such as a high school reunion or simply to an elegant restaurant dinner.
• It is usually of the color black but it can be made with a white cloth if the wearer specifies it.
• The lapel of this garment is pointed.
• It normally has one button but new designers prefer to avoid making the standard one buttoned tuxedo.
• It has a formal shirt that can be with or without pleats but should never have a pocket in front of it.
• It goes well with other accessories such as studs and cuff links.
• It is compatible with pocket squares, vests and cummerbunds.
• It is worn with a bow and not with a tie.
• It can also be worn on extravagant parties because of the satin pattern of its pants
• Leather shoes would surely complete your tuxedo outfit.

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