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Does Dawn Dish Soap Get Rid of Back Acne?

Can you use Dawn Dish detergent to get rid of body acne or bacne?

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Yes, it does seem as if Dawn Dish Soap will actually help clear up back acne in some people. I've been using it on my back for a number of weeks and it seems to be working to clear up acne on my back (slowly).

I've been using the orange Dawn Ultra Concentrated Antibacterial Hand Soap Dishwashing Liquid, Orange Scent, and this Ultra Antibacterial Dawn soap seems to be working really well. While the regular blue Dawn Soap may work for you, it didn't seem to work as well for me as the Ultra Antibacterial Soap. I also tried the Dawn Soap w/ Bleech, which I didn't see the best results.

Use the Dawn Ultra Concentrated Antibacterial Soap with a back exfoliator to help remove dead skin in the shower.  Then when you dry off, use Neutrogena Body Clear Body spray on your back and within about two weeks you should start seeing noticable improvement in your back acne.

Keep in mind, your back acne might be caused most by your diet.   Dairy (Skim milk), and eggs can cause back acne in some people.  Caffiene may also be a factor.  Be sure to inspect your diet, to see if what you are eating is causing your pores to clog and be more susceptable to back acne.  See: get rid of back acne

Yes it does it helped me for years


Yes it does in my opinion. I had back acne and down the back of the arms and just lastnight I used dawn and also a mild scrubbing stone used lightly on the shoulders and this morning my skin looks as if a week of time has passed in healing.


Also seems to help those with oily face conditions as well.
Seems to work for acne for that too.

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