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What Makes Fur Different From Hair?

Difference between Fur and Hair?

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• It is the pelts of most animals simply because the terms fur trim and fur coat od exist.
• It grows in a specific length which would be determined by the animal’s genes.
• It serves as an animal’s identity because a fur can have a unique smell depending on the animal’s species.
• It protects animals such as lions from their wild captives.
• It helps an animal survive by keeping it warm.
• It can act as an animal’s nails, feathers and skin.
• It is mainly comprised of a chemical called keratin.
• It is a distinct feature of most mammals especially of those that are considered as carnivores.
• It is used in most fashion coats which is a practice that is widely condemned by organizations that greatly promote the welfare of animals.
• This term can be used in the human context as well. For example, the sentence “My brother has a furry chest.” can refer to your brother’s hairy chest as well.


• It generally protects a human’s skull from any sharp object.
• It helps a human’s head to cool down especially during an extremely hot day.
• It grows on other parts of the human body and most of them are not useful at all. Nevertheless, they all serve a distinct purpose which is the reason why they grow on a human’s skin.
• It can refer to sparse or very coarse fur which can be found in elephants and pigs.
• Angora and mohair which have animal origins are considered as hair too. This is an exception that you can apply.
• The absence of fur in an animal is even given the terms “naked” or “hairless”. Thus, this only shows that the word hair can refer to both humans and animals.

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