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When is Fashion Week in NYC?

What is the date of Fashion Week in NYC? When does fashion week typically occur?

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New York Fashion Week starts off the global calendar of Fashion Weeks. NYC Fashion Week is immediately followed by Fashion Weeks in London, Milan and Paris.

Here are the dates for New York Fashion Week from 2011 thru 2015:

New York Fashion Week 2011:
- Fall/Winter: February 10-17
- Spring/Summer: September 8-15

New York Fashion Week 2012:
- Fall/Winter: February 9-16
- Spring/Summer: September 13-20

New York Fashion Week 2013:
- Fall/Winter: February 7-14
- Spring/Summer: September 12-19

New York Fashion Week 2014:
- Fall/Winter: February 13-20
- Spring/Summer: September 11-18

New York Fashion Week 2015
- Fall/Winter: February 12-29
- Spring/Summer: September 10-17

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