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Why Should Water Be Taken Before and After a Massage?

Why is it recommended to Drink Water Before and After a Massage?

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Why should you drink water in the first place?

• Water washes the toxins away from your kidneys and other body organs.
• It keeps your body well hydrated.

Now, why should you consume water before a massage?

• Once your muscles are already hydrated by water, it would be simpler for your therapist to further manipulate them and give you the satisfaction that you want.

Why does your body still needs water AFTER the massage?

• Water can bring you back to your senses. Whether you like it or not, you can become disoriented or less focused after a massage. Thus, you need to sit straight up and have a glass or two for you to have a grip on your senses once again.
• Just consider a massage as a relaxing exercise, a therapist exerts your muscles and makes you sweat. Therefore, you would need to make up to your body by giving it the amount of water that it needs.
• Water can also prevent your muscles from being sore. Thus, drinking it won’t make you feel any pain as you walk out from that spa.
• A massage can certainly make you lose significant amounts of liquid in your body. Thus, you have to drink plenty of water after the session to prevent you from dehydrating.
• If you have asked the therapist to massage your lymph system, then you definitely need to drink water after the session for you to wash out the harmful chemicals coming from that system of your body.
• The same rule applies for a deep tissue massage since toxins can still come out of your muscles after that kind of service. You should never let these ill materials stay in your body if you don’t want to regret having your massage therapy experience in the first place.

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