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Is it OK to Donate Blood after Getting a Tattoo?

Is it alright to Donate Blood after Getting a Tattoo? Or will the ink from the tattoo be an issue when giving blood?

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Whether someone is allowed to donate blood after getting a tattoo has been debated on for years. The clear answer to this controversy is yes, a person can still donate blood even if they have a tattoo. However, there’s certain vital information that you should know. You should also be aware that blood banks have the right to turn away donations even if someone is suitable depending on the required interview. This interview is conducted before a person is allowed to donate blood. It’s frustrating and disappointing to be turned away, but the strict screening is essential to ensure the quality of the blood supply and the safety of the patient. Anyway, one can always come back again to give blood since there’s always a critical demand for it.

Tattoo artists and studios are strictly regulated in most countries over the world. These artists and their work area have to pass strict health inspections conducted by representatives of the health department. More often than not, you can donate blood in these countries even if you’ve just gotten a tattoo. But you should inform the staff at the blood bank about your tattoo. To make sure that your tattoo artist is a professional and has a safe record, get in touch with your city’s health department and ask about their regulations or even about a tattoo studio’s standing. You can also check with the blood bank and inquire about their policies for donating blood.

But in countries where the business of tattooing is not strictly monitored, it’s common practice for tattooed donors to wait for up to a year before they are allowed to donate blood. This 12 month period is crucial and guarantees that the person doesn’t carry any possible diseases of the blood that they might have gotten from unsanitary tattooing equipment. However, most tattoo artists and tattoo studios are very serious about protecting their safety and that of their clients so they usually sanitize all of their equipment, only use fresh and sterile needles and follow numerous other safety procedures. Blood banks are typically self-regulated so it’s understandable that they have strict screening systems in order to keep everyone safe.

Body art enthusiasts who are also committed to donating blood regularly should give blood before getting new ink. Those working on big tattoo pieces should coordinate and book their tattoo sessions close to each other to make the waiting period for giving blood shorter. Or you can look for a tattoo friendly blood bank. The staff of certain blood banks who are unfamiliar with the strict quality control of tattoo studios might reject a potential blood donor out of ignorance or fear, while people who’re aware of the safety procedures and check-ups of modern tattoo studios will probably have no problems accepting the donated blood.

It’s a good idea to wait for about a week after getting inked before giving blood. While it’s OK to donate blood straight away, tattoos are known to cause minor inflammations so giving your body time to heal will help make sure that you’ll pass the blood screening procedures that are done to test the donated blood. Blood banks are sometimes used by people as a screening facility for blood-borne illnesses and sexually transmitted diseases. This has prompted public health officials and health facilities to ask people not to do this as it might compromise the existing blood supply. Screening tests for STDs are free so people should take advantage of that and go to regular hospitals.

Incidentally, the rules for donating blood after getting a tattoo are also true for those with new piercings. Those who got their piercings done in a professional shop that have passed health inspections can also donate blood straight away. However, waiting for a year is also a probability if the person’s health condition is questionable and if the shop doesn’t have a spotless record.

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