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How do you Get Rid of Wrinkles?

How are wrinkles eliminated? Is it possible to get rid of my wrinkles?

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As people grow older, the skin starts to degenerate. This is characterized by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and more people are growing concerned on how to eliminate them. There are a number of ways to prevent, minimize and erase wrinkles, but these measures are dependent on the severity and extent of the lines.

Perhaps the most well-known way to reduce wrinkles is through Botox injections, a common procedure endorsed by many celebrities. Generally, the botulinum substance numbs the muscles on the injected areas to prevent the development of wrinkles. However, this procedure only lasts for a few months, as it needs to be done repeatedly to ensure wrinkle-free skin.

Because Botox injection is an invasive procedure involving the administration of an inactivated toxin, it is a gold standard that only qualified dermatologists perform this intervention. Other doctors with no training may not be able to do this procedure correctly, which can only worsen your wrinkles rather than eradicate them. Hence, it is best to consult with a credible dermatologist when choosing Botox injections for your face.

Meanwhile, laser resurfacing and chemical peels are popular ways to eliminate wrinkles. Laser resurfacing works by therapeutically destroying the top layers of the skin to make way for new skin cells, so that further development of wrinkles can be avoided. Chemical peeling, on the other hand, may not work well for deep wrinkles, but it does a good job of cleaning pores, rejuvenating the skin and delaying further skin aging. Nevertheless, both laser resurfacing and chemical peels enhance new skin cell growth to keep skin looking smoother and brighter.

Yet the most effective means to completely eradicate wrinkles is to undergo a face-lift. This procedure involves surgically cutting the skin at the scalp and pulling it tighter to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With this treatment, it is highly recommended to consult a credible cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications. Your skin might appear too tight, which can give an unpleasant shape to your eyes, lip or nose—making you look very unnatural. When done properly, however, many people are impressed with the effects of face-lifting, claiming that their wrinkles have dramatically diminished.

Nevertheless, some people prefer to use skin care products rather than to undergo any cosmetic procedure. Certain ingredients such as citric acid, alpha-hydroxy acid and retinol contribute to glowing skin, although these do not really eliminate facial wrinkles. When using any skin care product, it is best to test a small amount on the skin and observe for any unusual reaction. Some people can be allergic to a few ingredients present in many skin care and cosmetic products.

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