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What brand of wallet chain does David Beckham wear?

David Beckham always is wearing a Wallet Chain.Sometimes it is a black dark chain of the brand Bottega Veneta.Last times you can see him wearing a silver chrom Chain.I would like to know which Brand it is.Can´t find any Info about that Chain wallet.Thank you

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David Beckham has been said to wear a Versatile Apparel wallet chain.

Verstile Apparel wallet chains range from £60 to £70 and have a chunky feel with its double-plaited chain and links. The chains secure push-bar fastening attaches to a belt loop and the T-bar end fits into the triangle logo tab on all the brand's wallets.

Beckham has also been seen toting a black Bottega Veneta wallet.


thank you very much for your answer about my Question.unfortunality i can´t find the wallet which Beckham wears at Versatile Apparel... :-(( Do you know the Model Name of his wallet?


HOORSENBUHS make the chain by special order only. I tracked them down through


Since this question was posed several years ago, I'm sure you have already found the answer. However, in case you or someone else is still curious, the brand of chain wallet he has worn in silver and in gold is the brand Hoorsenbuhs.

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