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What is the reason behind most Fashion Models being so Skinny?

What are the Root Causes as To Why We Have Anorexic Looking Models? How come most Fashion Models are so thin?

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A lot of individuals agree that those anorexic looking ramp models should never be idolized by the women population especially the teenagers of today. On the other hand, designers protest that their creations would never look good on a plus size woman. If that’s the case, then why did shapely models exist from the 1950s and even from decades before that era?

Models used to have 58.51 kg for their weight and 1.7m for their height on an average but now, these ladies are expected to be taller by 2 inches and they should have a maximum weight of 51.7 kg. Everything just suddenly changed with Twiggy and her 91 lbs body came walking into that fashion ramp in UK.

Healthier models came into the scene again in the person of Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley during the 1980s but 10 years later, the “Twiggy” trend started evolving again because of the heroic chic designs of most fashion designers. The 2000s came and models just seem go thinner and thinner as each decade goes by.

With body conscious individuals such as most people who are living in the United States and with all those skinny models shown in advertisements, the whole world just can’t stop from believing that those clothes would magically turn them into instant models on the cat walk.

Good thing Spanish designers decided to put a stop to this unhealthy illusion in 2006 by imposing the right BMI and weight requirements to their models. This may be the reason why the models that we have right now started to look more like humans rather than zombies on a fashion ramp.

Also, since that year, ladies began to search for their outfits in racks which have their appropriate body size.

You just have to remember that you can never please everybody. Take note that even some Hollywood stars and fashion models actually desire to be normal women who don’t have to follow a strict diet for a living.

Moreover, a fuller body doesn’t make you less beautiful. If only modern women would turn back in time, they would realize that men prefer to have healthy looking ladies as their partners rather than anorexic ones.

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