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How can you Determine if a Diamond’s Authentic or Not?

What are the ways of determining whether or not a Diamond’s is real?

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Determining If a Diamond’s Authentic or Not

How do you distinguish a real diamond from an ordinary clear stone without using any tool? Actually, there are simple steps that you can take to determine the “true identity” of a particular stone without even hiring the services of a gemologist.

Have a Closer View of the Stone

A real diamond doesn’t have to be flawless. You might be able to see some mineral bits inside the stone and that’s perfectly normal. However, if it has any pits bubbles, ripples, rounded or worn corners, then there’s a great possibly that it’s just glass. On the other hand, if it doesn’t have any flaw, then it’s a quart.

Breathe on It

After doing this step, check if there’s any moisture on the stone. If there’s none, then it’s an authentic diamond. If a certain fog appears, then it belongs to one of these stone classifications: cubic zirconium, glass and quartz. However, a moissanite is expected to have no moisture as well. Thus, the result of this test is not really accurate.

Place It under a Light

If a bright halo results from this test, then the stone you have is truly a diamond. Its grayish shadow would also verify its identity for you.

Place It over Printing

If you don’t see any letter, circle or line in the stone after doing this step, then you definitely have a diamond in your hands. However, the stone’s cut can change the result of this step so it can’t really be used as a sole determiner of a diamond’s authenticity.

Additional Processes That Uses Equipments

Using ultraviolet light, a weighing scale and a moissanite/diamond tester can be the additional processes that you can do for you to completely determine if you have a real diamond or not.

Remember that a real diamond is supposed to match the qualities it is certified for to match the real authenticity. You should get it certified by GIA. It is an American laboratory that mainly popularized the four c’s of diamond grading which help to determine the actual worth and qualities.

It is recommended for diamond owners to have it certified by EGL or GIA because its value becomes more and it will be easier to sell or trade diamonds. In thediamond website you would find GIA certified diamond solitaires in a variety of shapes and ratings. GIA graded diamonds are definitely the type you want to buy.

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