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Can you Cause a Stroke by Cracking Your Neck?

Will Cracking your neck cause an stroke by accident? Can Chiropractic Services Lead to Stroke?

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There isn’t much truth to the legend that states that if you crack your neck, you’ll probably have a stroke afterwards. Chiropractors do this action all the time to their customers but none of their clients have ever experience a stroke because of such service.

However, a study has been conducted during the 2000s which verifies that cracking one’s neck can put someone in a stroke in some rare instances. These circumstances have happened to a few people who have ages below 60.

Thus, it is important for you to know how this could possibly be and remember that you should never panic because the action actually has a minimal level of risk.

Neurologist Wade S. Smith has also conducted a research among 51 stroke patients and he has found out that 7 patients have undergone chiropractic services before they experienced their medical condition. However, only a few cases indeed have a connection to stroke and a bigger population of patients is actually needed for the level of risk to be accurately determined.

Cause of Stroke

If your age is below 45, then your stroke is most probably brought about by cervical artery dissection. This condition can happen to you if your neck was cracked improperly causing your cervical arteries to get damaged, bleed and form a clot of blood which would prevent oxygen from reaching to your brain. As a result, you will experience stoke that can have a small or a huge impact on your body.

Here are the signs of stroke that you need to be aware of after having your neck cracked:

• Sudden pain in the head
• Having hard time in saying things
• Lessened clarity in vision
• Half of the body becomes immobilized
• Confused
• Nausea

If you have all these symptoms, then seek for medical assistance as soon as possible because if you get treated right away, then the effects of a stroke on your body can definitely be lessened.

Chiropractic services are not the sole contributors to a person’s stroke. However, they can still lead you to have one so get to know the risks that come with these procedures.

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