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What are the Common Reasons you would experience Leg Swelling?

What are some Common Causes for Leg Swelling?

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Some people’s legs swell and the reasons behind the swelling vary. Whether the reason behind the swelling is serious or non- threatening, the patient should still consult the doctor. Legs tend to swell when a person stands or sits for a long period of time. This is because the oxygen or blood cannot flow normally in the legs. Inflammation may also be the cause of leg swelling. In this case the person may be suffering from acute kidney failure or heart failure. Pregnant women also experience leg swelling. Fluids that are trapped and related to edema is also another cause of the swelling. The doctor’s advice is needed when one of the above mentioned reasons is the cause of swelling.

When there is abnormal circulation of the blood, leg tissues may swell followed by the legs. Numbness, swelling and poor circulation of the blood and nutrients happen when the body weight is concentrated on one part of the body for longer periods. Changing the position and moving the legs once in a while may help reduce the swelling. This swelling is not serious and does not need any medical attention.

Leg swelling also occurs when there is inflammation of the joints and tissues in the legs. Typically, leg swelling related to inflammation may be the result of an injury and trauma in the joints and tissues of the legs. Inflammation and swelling may also increase when the patient is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and knee bursitis. Luckily, there are anti-inflammatory medicines available to fight inflammation and swelling.

People with peripheral edema suffer experience swelling in the legs and this may be because of benign or more serious condition. It is normal for pregnant women to have swollen legs because of the fluid retention in some parts of the body but this does not mean that it should not be taken seriously. A doctor’s attention will still be necessary to make sure the swelling is related to pregnancy or not. More serious conditions such as heart and kidney failure may cause severe swelling. In this case, immediate medical attention is needed. In some cases, people experience leg swelling when they take drugs and or foods they are allergic to. A doctor’s advice is necessary in these situations.

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