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What are some Ways to Eliminate the Pain in Your Wisdom Tooth?

What is the best way to treat Wisdom Tooth Pain? Treatment for Wisdom Teeth pain?

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The third molars on both sides of your mouth are what you call wisdom teeth. They are given that name for they often start to grow when an individual is already 17 years of age which is the year of maturity and increased wisdom. Not everybody acquires a full set of wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, if these teeth start to get painful, then you can ask a dentist to have them extracted.

However, why do they get painful in the first place? Since wisdom teeth don’t usually grow in an instant and your food has the tendency to be trapped in them, then you can expect to feel a painful sensation from time to time.

Aside from having these teeth extracted, you can also take narcotic drugs like oxycodne, hydrocodine and codeine to ease the pain.

You can even chew cheaper and more natural alternatives such as onions and garlic for this matter. Chew a piece of onion for 180 seconds to decrease the presence of germs in your oral vicinity. If you want to strengthen your teeth, then you can opt to chew garlic instead.

If you want a natural mouth wash to ease your toothache, then you can use a glass of wheat grass juice. The growth of bacteria in your oral vicinity can be reduced or totally eliminated with the use of this juice.

You can also apply clove oil to your erupting wisdom teeth and in the gum surrounding it to ease the pain. If that’s not enough, then you can put rock salt and garlic in the oil for a stronger solution. A paste can be made out of clove oil as well. Simply put rock salt (1/4 teaspoon) and pepper powder (a pinch) into the oil to complete the mixture.

According to a treatment based on reflexology, placing an ice in the area between your forefinger and thumb can lessen your toothache for it makes the nerve path less efficient.

You can give your cheek a massage as well for you to feel better. Breathing deeply and relaxing can also ease your pain.

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