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What does Excessive Sugar Intake do to Your Body?

How does Excessive Sugar Intake effect your body? What are the ramifications of too much sugar?

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Too much sugar can certainly cause a lot of complications to your body. Below are some of the conditions that can happen to you because of excessive sugar intake.

Weaker Immune System

According to research, excessive sugar intake can decrease the body’s ability to defend itself against illnesses. It can cause you to experience diarrhea and hyperacidity as well so try your best to maintain an average sugar level.


Preeclampsia is a medical condition that a pregnant woman may acquire due to taking excessive amounts of sugar. Thus, ignore your sweet tooth temporarily if you are carrying your child as of the moment.

Oral Problems

Gum and tooth problems can be caused by too much sugar in your body which is often found in artificial beverages made from fruits. Therefore, you should brush your teeth like it’s the end of the world after you eat foods or drink juices containing sugar.


Diabetes can be brought about by excessive sugar intake as well.

Emotion Problems

Too much sugar can actually make you moody, too active or extremely depressed.


Bread (white flour) and refined sugar are just two of the foods that can lead you to gain unwanted fats. With a person’s increased intake of sugar and lack of proper exercise, obesity can certainly be a condition that’s hard to escape from.

Heart Illnesses

As an individual continues to gain weight, he or she is also making one’s heart more susceptible to different kinds of illnesses. That is because sugar can make bad cholesterol take over the good type and cause the arteries of the heart to harden over time.

Additional medical conditions caused by excessive sugar intake:

• Weak mineral absorption by the body
• Osteoporosis
• Kidney, pancreatic and liver disorders
• Eczema
• Premature aging

Items that you should avoid eating or drinking because of their high sugar content:

• soda
• anything that has high fructose corn syrup or simply sugar
• cereals and other packaged foods
• white flour and rice
• candies and chocolates

We can never eliminate the presence of food items containing sugar in our daily diet. However, we need to take them occasionally for us to have a healthier mind and body.

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