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Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Work to help you Stop Smoking?

Will E-Cigarettes really aid a person in the quest to quit smoking?  Are E-Cigarettes Effective Smoking Cessation Aids?

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Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes were invented to help chain smokers quit smoking. These items look like any other cigarette, but the difference lies in the mechanism. Electronic cigarettes work by converting nicotine into vapor form that can be inhaled into the respiratory system. Manufactures claim that these do not contain harmful ingredients such as tar, the notorious substance found in regular tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are basically made to help prevent dependence on nicotine, but other similar smoking cessation products also exist like nicotine gum. Though these are all said to be effective, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions the general public that these products, especially electronic cigarettes, have not undergone rigorous clinical testing, and that there are several issues regarding quality control and safety.

Chain smokers who try to quit smoking find the e-cigarette more effective than other smoking cessation products. The reason behind this claim is that when smokers use e-cigarettes, they are inhaling and exhaling smoke, but minus the harmful substances. It does not emit secondhand smoke, which cuts the risk of cancer for the people around. E-cigarettes also come in varied designs and attractive shapes, such as in the form of pipes and cigars.

Though electronic cigarettes have many published benefits, they may not be as effective as claimed. A number of manufacturers have received warning letters from the FDA due to violations on certain provisions of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, such as those concerning consumer safety and optimal quality control. Hence, consumers are strongly advised by the FDA to use only approved and well-tested smoking cessation products like lozenges and skin patches.

Another issue against e-cigarettes is that they are readily available for purchase. Instead of helping chain smokers quit the habit, young people can easily get them in stores and may grow tempted to try real cigarettes in the long run. Moreover, the FDA stated that the vapor released by e-cigarettes may still pose harm to smokers, which further stresses the importance of rigorous testing and evaluation to establish safety and effectiveness.

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